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Naruto VKH Uzumaki Naruto vs Haku Resin Statue


Naruto VKH Uzumaki Naruto vs Haku Resin Statue


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✔ 1st and 2nd image shows corrected haku's mask
✔ With LEDs
✔ Series: Naruto / Naruto Shippuden
✔ Manufacturer: VKH
✔ Scale: 1/6
✔ Material: PU Resin
Announcement from VKH:
All VKH products are based on the original comic rather than anime. The six scars of Naruto are purposely made thicker and extended. We understand it does not exactly look like most of the Naruto figure in the market and many pictures of the Saga. However, we still insist to make it. The scene of this product is Naruto's very first time of transformation, he was out of control and appearance of scar was different from the appearance in his later stage (thinner and in his both sides of face).

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