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One Piece Megahouse P.O.P Mild Series (Set of 15)


One Piece Megahouse P.O.P Mild Series (Set of 15)


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Portrait Of Pirates POP Mild Series:
1. CB-R1 Monkey D. Luffy (brand new)
2. CB-R1 Sanji (brand new)
3. CB-R1 Nico Robin (brand new)
4. CB-R2 Roronoa Zoro (brand new)
5. CB-R2 Nami (brand new)
6. CB-R2 Nojiko (brand new)
7. CB-R3 Usopp (brand new)
8. CB-R3 Franky (brand new)
9. CB-R3 Nefetari Vivi (preowned, no defects)
10. CB-EX Brook (brand new)
11. Chopperman Red Ver (preowned, no defects)
12. Chopperman Gold Ver (preowned, no defects)
13. Chopperman White Ver (preowned, no defects)
14. Chopperman Returns Ver (preowned, no defects)
15. Chopperman Zozotown Ver (preowned, no defects)

✔ Series: One Piece ✔ Manufacturer: Megahouse ✔ Scale: 1/8

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